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We are an Australian Company specialising in kiosks design and manufacture, shop fit-outs and point-of-sale displays.

We would love to hear about your next kiosks project. Check out some of our work, or get in touch with us.

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About Us

Kiosks Australia is an Australia-wide company, we have people in QLD, NSW and VIC.

We have been successfully building kiosks since 1998

We began by building kiosk’s for ourselves with emphasis on the coffee and fruit juice sectors. We built in excess of 100 stores before we decided the next logical step was to build for other people.

Having been at the ground level in the retail industry for many years, dealing with Shopping Centre Management and inhibitive set up costs, ‘Kiosks Australia’ was born to help bring down the initial set up costs of small business owners.

Our years of experience allows us to offer the most cost effective, professional and timely solutions when it comes to building ‘YOUR’ kiosks. We only make quality kiosk’s using only high grade, durable materials to Australian Standards.

Whether you would like a unique design, something of a similar design to other kiosks or perhaps you are still in the ‘thought phase’, the full suite of services we offer, can facilitate whatever stage you are at on the journey of becoming your own ‘business owner’ or perhaps you are ready to grow your existing business.

We Kiosk manucatutre and suppliers are able to keep costs down due to a strict policy on keeping overheads low, industry knowledge and excellent staff who give ‘Above Expectation, as Standard’.

We are an experienced and trustworthy family owned company with many satisfied clients, who are ready and able to offer your organisation the tools to grow, the benefit of experience and the passion of retail.

Without doubt our kiosks are Industry Leaders, our Project Management is Comprehensive and our Prices are Amazing.
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