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We are an Australian Company specialising in kiosk design and manufacture, shop fit-outs and point-of-sale displays.

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Packaging & Shipping

1. Each item packed individually, is enclosed in a plastic cover.
2. Then Bubble wrapand Corner Protection are added, ensuring upmost protection for every surface.Bubble-Kraft is laminated with a tough craft paper backing that protects the enclosed product from the rigours associated with shipping.
  packed expandable polypropylene    kiosk products    kiosk service
3. Then, packed / padded with EPE (expandable polypropylene) foam to eliminate movement and surface contact. EPE foam provides cushioning and flexibility, it’s shockproof,water-resistant,recyclable,light weight, and durable. PE Foam's soft texture makes it the ideal packaging solution for highly polished surfaces as well as for fragile items. PE Foam comes in a variety of thickness giving customers a greater choice for their packaging requirements as the following table indicates.
  kiosk packing service    pack kiosk
4. The product is then inserted into a 10mm MDF with 18mm plywood frame wooden case
  kiosk wooden packing
5. All steps are designed for safe protection and long distance transportation.
   kiosk packing products

Type of product transported in container

kiosk playwood packing
chipboard kiosk

firereturdent kiosk
Fire Retardant Board
kiosk crystal panel
Artificial Stone
tempared galss suppliers
Tempered Glass